Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where is the soap at Lush

Got another new hair color today...

I also popped into Lush, which is right around the corner from my salon, as I wanted to see what they had that is new.  This is a typically a massive money spending time for me as I find a million things I want to buy and end up walking out with a bag chock full of stuff I don't need.

Backing up a few weeks, my friend Heather sent me a BBM note stating that she had been to Lush and didn't find much she liked.  At the time, I was totally confused.  Now, I get it.

Lush seems to have no soap anymore.  Weird, right?

They have some old staples, like Honey, I Washed the Kids; Demon in the Dark; Bohemian; etc....but nothing really new and nothing really good.

Is Lush moving away from soaps and more in the direction of skin care?  Does anyone know?

I hope not!


  1. They also seem to have a TON of bath bombs/fizzies. The day I went, they took up the majority of the store. Turns out there is one inside Macy's at Northpoint Mall here in Atlanta as well and that location was a disappointment too. :-( I was there Tuesday, but just glanced at the selection since I didn't need another Buffy bar yet. (Love that, btw!)

  2. Not sure about their direction, but I struggle to find soaps I like at Lush. Now, other bath products and skin care is very easy to find - but I rarely encounter a soap I can't live without.

  3. Well, Lush was totally my gateway drug into soap but I am just sad and disappointed lately. BAH!