Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to the world, Sydney!

It isn't often we make friends who last a lifetime.  I have been so very lucky to have several.  Some I didn't see for years and others I have been consistently in touch with since the day I matriculated out of Effingham County High School.

One of my longest standing and most beloved friends, Haley, has been with me through many adventures.  She was my accompanist (literally) and coached me through State Literary competition when I had tonsillitis and could barely make my vocal cords vibrate.

She listened to me yammer on when I had my first boyfriend...she was there when he turned out to be a total ass.  She was around my senior year when I fell madly in love with an amazing guy.  And she was likewise there when he and I broke up the day before I graduated.  Haley was always there.  She was always a friend. 

Haley is one the most incredible, supportive, intelligent and talented people I know.

And this weekend, Haley had a baby. 

It never ceases to make me pause when someone with whom I grew up creates life.  How are we even old enough to be married, much less having babies.

The time, it did fly.

But I know Haley will be the most incredible mother.  And I welcome Sydney to this world wholeheartedly.

Welcome, Sydney, you have an amazing mother and amazing people around you. 

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  1. Erin, thank you. I've been lucky to have your friendship in my life for so long. If Sydney finds a friend half as special to her as you have been to me, she will be richly blessed indeed. She's already lucky for you to be part of her life. Here's to even more shared adventures! Love, love, love.