Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ingredient of the Moment

I've been into B Electro shower gel from Lush lately.  It is neon green and makes me smile.  I'm not a huge fan of the consistency of the gel but I do love the smell.

This morning, while showering, I finally isolated what it is about this product I love.

It's the scent of fennel.

Fennel is neat stuff.  Not only does it take good and smell nice, but it is also a natural heart burn cure

I turned to Etsy to see if there were fennelly soap options for me to consider.  Since it's Etsy, the answer is "of course."

Here are some highlights:

Dark Elf smells of green amber, exotic musk, carnations, sandalwood, spice, woody accords, patchouli, fennel and a touch of eucalyptus...yum. 

Solarmar Naturals in TN makes Geranium Fennel cold process soap.  According to the description, fennel clears the mind.  And heaven knows we could all use some mind clearing.

My personal favorite is The Olive Bar Sweet Fennel soap. 

Who knew a plant could be so refreshing...

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