Monday, January 9, 2012

I Got Nuthin

Different people like different things about soap.  Some like lather, some like a strong scent, some like no scent and no lather.

Me, I like to revel in it.  I love when I can smell my soap all day.  I love it when it smells more intense in the shower than dry.  I love unique scents, textures, colors...I love it when its obvious that a soaper made the product with love.  I adore it when there is no SLS but yet the lather is foamy and intense.  I like having soap to rave about and soapers to promote.

So imagine my sadness to discover that everything in my soap train case is by Lush.  Fail.  Epic. Fail.

It seems the only option is to shop.  So I went online to check out my past purchases and realized I haven't bought soap since October 2010.  This is criminal and must be fixed.

Where to start, where to start, where to start...

Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Shower at the Fella's Place

It's interesting.  The first time you take a shower in someone's place has weight if you intend to do it often.  Last night, I found myself packing a bag of toiletries to take over.  I'll concentrate on the decisions as nobody wants me to yammer on about love.

So, the question is "what bath products are appropriate to take to your signficant other's apartment when you are trying to take up as little space as possible?" to get clean without toting 12 products.

I turned to my old stand by Lush for inspiration as I have a literal train case of Lush products.  For soap, I decided to pick the classic Alkmaar as it always makes me feel very soft and sexy.  Truthfully, my skin is suffering this winter from being bare legged in the cold and probably a bit from the nutritional changes due to surgery.  The greatest thing about Alkmaar, other than the fact that it smells like jasmine, is that it goes delightfully with two of my other favorite products Silky Underwear Dusting Powder and Potion.  I can't link to Potion as it appears to have gone the way of the Dodo, so take my word for it.  It's a jasmine extravaganza that makes me feel clean, dry in all the right places and moisturized in all the right places. 

I suppose all I am missing is Lovely Jubblies.  Has anyone tried this?  Do I need super special cream for my breasts.  Will it make them bigger?  I'm kidding on the last bit...mostly.  I would, however, be interested in someone's review of the product if you use it.

So the big question is regarding hair products.  Shampoo bottles are cumbersome and those tiny hotel room bottles aren't cost effective.  Luckily, one of Lush's last great remaining products is the solid shampoo bar.  I'm typically into Godiva because it smells like jasmine (sensing a theme here?) but today I broke out the Karma Komba.  It works beautifully.  I don't know how that much lather comes from solid shampoo and, in spite of the SLS in the shampoo bar, I like it.  I think I'll go easy lest the suflates turn my red hair pink but I did enjoy the time I spent with the Lush today.

It was a good shower and relatively groundbreaking for me.  But what are some good, compact ways to pack an overnight toiletry bag?  Does anyone have fave products that travel easily, are handmade and make you smell like something incredible? 

Or does anyone have a favorite jasmine soap they'd like to share?

Happy Friday, ya'll.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pornography of the Soap Variety

I know, I know...two blogs in one day.  Truthfully, I have been perusing soap listings on Etsy all afternoon and simply couldn't resist sharing some things I covet right now.

I have so much soap that I could not possibly use more...right?

Sigh.  Check these out:

My roommate, says she is allergic to polka dots.  And I love coconut.  In fact, I often smell like coconut due to my obsessive use of sulfate free organic coconut shampoo...but I digress.

Etsian Pink Dotted Owl sells THIS little bit of goodness.

The smell is of black cherries and coconut.  To me, that seems like an excuse to hang out in the shower for awhile.  I also like the shape and pattern of this soap.  It is lovely enough for me to want to use it and manly enough to satisfy those of you who may live with a manly type person (yes, I'm looking at you, Heather).

But moving on to something COMPLETELY different...

Although you should check out the store here.  There's some good stuff.

Sooooo...I'm kind of a princess.  It's ok to laugh.  I know it, you know, people in space know it.  And I love champagne.  And sparkly, when I saw this I giggled and then I got excited.  It's called Gold Digger which I don't love because real princesses make their own money.  But it is pretty...observe:

It's not pink, which I like because pink would be so obvious for a strawberries and champagne soap.  instead, it looks a bit like a ghetto fabulous pair of glittery goal pleather pants exploded into a bar of soap.

Bad analogy?  Forgive me, I'm rusty here.

Should I comment on fairies or pixies?  Nah.

Should I buy this soap?  Probably?

And now for my favorite of the day...I could explain this but I won't.  I'll just say that someone I love very much will understand the humor and those who have heard the story will get it too.

I'm sorry my mom is so offensive, baby.  Should we buy her this?

It's soap.  Made from Polish Etsian The Soap Magician.  In addition to amusing me with Polish beer soap, this soaper also makes the extraordinarily intriguing Aloe and White Lilac soap.
And that's enough soap porn for the day. 

That's what she said...

The Perfect Soap to Go With the Perfect Man

God what a year!

Some highlights include the 91 lbs I lost (so far), the incredible success I experienced at work with regards to bringing in revenue and...perhaps most important...falling in love.

So, when I initially told the new man that I write a blog about soap (or wrote, I suppose, given my recent negligence in updating) he laughed.  Hysterically.  And teased me.  Incessantly. 

At first, he just didn't get it.  For example, while at a hotel in Westchester, he teased me asking if I would write about the hotel smelled of mandarin and mint and he thought it may be blog worthy.  So I tried to explain that not all soap is created equal.  I pontificated that I feel cleaner when I have washed with a soap that was lovingly created by someone  in their home or shop.  I informed him that I like unique scents. colors and textures.  And then I got a little embarassed.

But now I'm over it.  And then, while visiting my family and me in Georgia over the holidays, my fella says he wants to buy me soap.  I looked at him incredulously and asked him why.  Turns out, the blogging is actually "cute."


The positive outcome is I got this:

Again, from Nourish in Savannah.  Love.