Friday, December 28, 2012

A Trip to the Seaside my own shower

A few months back, I was tooling around Williamsburg, Brooklyn and came across a booth at a market where a woman was selling soaps.  I instantly started sniffing them and my companion told me to pick some out.  I think I got three or four bars total but one in particular really called out to me.

More on that in a moment.

I began talking to the lady at the booth and, as it turns out, they are her soaps.  I told her about my blog, we bonded a moment and I went along my merry way.

The name of the soap company is The Southampton Soap Company.  Made in the Hamptons, these are small batch soaps made with loving care and no animal products.  And you can tell that in everything from the soap maker's smile to the presentation.

I was beyond excited to give one bar a whirl.

The first one I tried was Seaside Spa.  It is made with water local to the Hamptons, sea clay, and sea vegetables. 

Embedded in it is what appear to be black sesame seeds.  I cut off a chunk and fired it up. 

And ended up using it until it was all gone.  I like this soap a bunch.  It took some adjustment at first as it doesn't get super slippery when wet (I know, I kno...bad reference).  But the moisturizing properties of the clay start to really work and you forgive the extra effort to rub the soap on your skin.

The seeds provide an exfoliant that isn't too abrasive but gets the job done nicely.  And the scent is great for those who like something light but that doesn't cling to the skin.

As I said, I used the sliver until it was gone...and it lasted awhile.

I have a few others to try, which I will totally review.  In the meantime, if you don't live in NY, you can order through Southampton Soaps' Etsy Store.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So much to blog and never ever enough time

I know I've said it before but I really really neglect this blog.  I'm still obsessed with soap and have so many to try.  I also have so much to share.  I've bought soap in Montana, Wyoming, and Brooklyn lately.

I bought Etsy soap for the man in my life that smells epic.  I've joined GlossyBox, BirchBox, and MyGlam...and I promise to tell you all about my adventures in subscription sample boxes.  (So far, awesome).  I will also send you some reviews on the soaps I have been trying.  I've met some soapers who deserve props (and business).

But, before I get to all of that...I wanted to tell you about a very nice surprise gift I got.  This is subtitled "QVC honestly does rock!"

After coming back from an awesome trip to the Wild West, T and I went to visit his family in PA.  When we arrived, there was a lovely lovely gift waiting for me from his mother.  Have I mentioned on this blog yet how much I adore his family?  I hear people complain about "in laws" and the family of their significant others and laugh.  I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Along with a very nice note, I received three Soap Rockettes from T's mom.  These are really really neat.  She gave me the Balance set of three (which I really needed as I have been so off kilter lately).  There are three rockettes in Green Garnet, Red Garnet, and Tanzanite.   I LOVE tanzanite.  I cannot get enough of it.  Now I have soap that looks like it.

I was so excited to get home and try these!

Here is the set, along with the informational brochure that came with them.

Soap and Gems?  I die!
Naturally, I went for the tanzanite first.  I even took some pictures before I used it.  That's unusual for me lately.  Not only am I a terrible photographer, I am a neglectful one.

It looks like a giant tanzanite.  Again, I DIE!
These are glycerine soaps and the ingredient list isn't alarming long.  The scents are clean and strong.  Some reviewers have complained that the scent is overpowering but I really like a strongly scented soap.  I find that they deliver a wonderful shower experience without clinging to the skin so as to overpower a perfume.  The scent of tanzanite is called "starry night" and is floral and wonderful.

There is a great lather on this soap, it is substantial enough to hold onto and I can even use it for shaving.

All up, I liked these and can think of several people who would enjoy them as gifts.

I will let you know how the garnets work out but I know I won't be disappointed.

Soap as gifts rule.  Wait until you hear what I got for my birthday!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Word on Wen

For those of you may not know me well or for those who don't see me all the time, here's a secret:

My hair isn't naturally purple/auburn.

Shocker right?

The problem with 1. red hair and 2. dark dyed hair is that the color fades...FAST.

So most of my color has gone to turn the tub pink.

Its sad.

And then one day I was walking the treadmill at the gym and started watching the Wen by Chaz Dean infomercial.  It was like 6m and it was on.  Alyssa Milano was babbling on about how fabulous her hair looked and I didn't care because she would look fabulous in a potato sack after not showering for a month.  But the idea of a non shampoo hair cleanser stuck with me.

And then, a few months ago, frustrated that even my sulfate free hair products were washing out my color, I decided to go online and order some Wen.  I got the intro kit in lavender which had the conditioning shampoo, the replenishing mask, the replnishing mist, the styling dreme, the balm and a comb for $35.  Not bad, right?

Except they apparently cannot get it to you to save their ever loving lives.

First they sent it to some wonky address that didn't even match the one I specified.  And I had to call them to tell them that I didn't get it and it had been returned.  They were nice enough and offered to expedite me another shipment and refund my money.  That's sweet.

EXCEPT THEY SCREWED UP THE ADDRESS AGAIN (even after we went over it on the phone).  The shipment arrived somewhere, we just don't know where and since they don't ask for signature, we never will.

I told them to fuhgeddaboutit.

And then I was hanging with my Dear BF's fantastically awesome mother who happens to love QVC (as do I) and I asked her if she had tried Wen.  She had!  She liked it AND it was Today's Special Value.  So she loaned me her conditioning shampoos to try the next morning and then she, her awesome husband and my darling convinced me to buy some from the Q.

The next day I tried her Fig scented and made my BF try the tea tree.  And you know what?  My hair had never felt better. 

And then MY shipment arrived from QVC in about 3 days (because they have it together...Chaz should fire his own people and work exclusively through the Q...for serious).  And I've been addicted ever since.  I got the BIG BIG bottle of cleansing conditioner, some travel packs of that too (very useful for upcoming WY vacay), a bottle of the Replenishing Treatment Mist, and the Re-Moist Hydrating Mask...all in lavender.

I have never loved my hair more.  It is silky, I can always comb my fingers through it, it smells fantastic and I am an addict.  I want to use it twice a day but try for every third day.  My hair is not getting greasy but I am careful rinser.

Guys, I know I am not one for commercial products, but I ADORE THIS STUFF.  And want to try the other products.

Just do yourself a favor and order through QVC.

Picture borrowed from QVC
And now, if you will excuse me, I am off to wash my hair.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Margarita BLoom is Having A Sale

I'm broke, folks.  Well, sort of, anyway.  And there is a great reason but I can't tell you yet. 

Anyway, I just noticed that one of my most coveted shops, Margarita Bloom is having a 15% off your ENTIRE order sale until the end of August.

Enter code "temptation."

For the love of Nancy, please go order stuff and write me and tell me about it.

No soap for me for awhile...

~ The Clean Diva

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finally, a freaking review

Hi all,

I am a champion soap slacker.  I have been so involved over at the FOOD blog that I didn't get myself together very quickly on this one.  I've been eyeing my new Angelic Soaps daily and not mustering the photo taking time to make a bath possible.

Well, last night I did.  .

The packaging
I adore the packaging.  The soaps are in individual little gold net bags and cards identifying them inside.  It must be a high touch process and its worth it, in my opinion.  Getting these soaps felt extravagant.

Up close of the packaging and the soap inside
The soaps themselves (and I will talk about them in two separate blog posts) are gorgeous.  Much care obviously goes into the work and it shows.

I love the shop name stamped into the soap.  A small detail that goes a long way

The bad photography doesn't do this soap justice.  It is a deep pink/almost red color and has gold sparkles throughout.  I am hesitant to show you this next photo as my skills are seriously bad here but it illustrates the top of the bar, which may be my favorite part.

Ignore the shadows, look at the GOLD
And it smells divine.  Like jasmine but NOT like jasmine perfume, if that makes sense.  The scent is incredibly strong when sniffing the soap and in the shower but, when it dries on your skin, there is just enough scent to remind you of the awesome shower you took that morning.

The texture on this one is definitely different that what I am used to using.  I realize that this is probably due to the massive amounts of shea butter in it.  You have to get this soap really wet to get it working against your skin and the lather is think and not conventionally "soapy" at all.  But it rinses cleanly and smells so amazing during the shower.

I love jasmine and this is no exception and I just think the work is so artistically gorgeous.  I'm excited to try the other bar...

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Guessed I Missed it When Etsy Got an iPhone App....And Soap Arrived!

Today I discovered that Etsy now has an iPhone app. 

Dear Bank Account,

It was nice having money in you.

Now I don't. 

Blame Etsy.

*le. sigh*

At any rate, in other happy news, two recent soap purchase have arrived in my humble abode...Cedarwood and Cypress Handsoap from Solstice Botanicals and the two soaps I ordered from Angelic Soap.

In other news, I am also the first purchaser of Bacon Bits the soap from Happy Goat Soap which is exciting for so many reasons.  One is that I read the shop's blog, The Maa of Pricilla, religiously (its refreshing and funny and delightful) and another is that I have been watching the progress of this little soap for awhile.  So to order it first is SO exciting.  But more on that later.

Teresa over at Angelic Soap was nice enough to send me some samples with my purchase (which I bought on epic sale so she is just so generous).  I didn't take a picture of the first one I used, which was Black Raspberry Shea, so I am borrowing one from her Etsy shop.  Take a look.

Its like art...real art that smells amazing...
I literally used the whole sample in one shower.  It went something like this...

Wet and lather left arm, rinse, sniff, repeat on right arm.
Decide left arm needs another washing (so I can sniff it)

Repeat process.

I swear the stuff even moisturized my horrible Hobbit feet.  I smelled like raspberries all day but not cloyingly so.  And the texture was simply divine.  The only reason I haven't tried the two I bought yet is that Miss Lazy Pants (yours truly) needs to take some photos of the epic packaging before getting said soap wet.  Tomorrow morning, I swear.

Also, while borrowing the picture above, I noticed that some of the soaps in Angelic Soaps shop are named Black Temple Incense and Grimoire (Book of Shadows).  The description of the latter contains this:

"Grimoire will leave your skin silky and smelling faintly of the rare treasures of antiquity."

 I CLEARLY need to smell like the rare treasures of antiquity.  And so do you.

So much excitement to come!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And then he said

...Stop ruining the bathtub, Erin!

Sigh.  It seems my haphazard methodology of leaving the soaps on the side of the tub is pulling up the paint.  Bad Erin. 

So now I am in the market for some soap dishes.  Preferably suctiony ones that will stick to the wall in the shower.

I think I like this one:

Helps!  Helps I say!
 This is probably the practical choice:

I'll be practical when I'm dead!

This one is nifty but would it damage my lovely soapies?

It's my personality

And this one is pretty but pricey:

So niiiice
So which do I pick?  And how many is too many?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Shameless Plug

I just started another blog.

Here it is

It's about my culinary adventures.  You should read it.

That's all.


My First Handsoap Review

Recently we ran out of hand soap in the bathroom.  The other person in my abode is a big fan of Method Foaming Hand Soap which is totally cool if you aren't a complete and total soap snob.  Also, Method contains SLS and we all know I am not a fan of that.  While SLS is certainly not the devil, I do find one thing I contained on the Method Web site interesting.  It lists the ingredients and notes the following with regards to SLS and it's "Health + Environmental Summary": "low skin irritation in use and non toxic; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil."  I'm fairly certain that this cannot be patently UNTRUE or the legal team for Method wouldn't let them post it on the site.  All up, however, it isn't what I want for my family.  So I convinced my co-decision maker to let me shop for some handmade hand soap on Etsy.

Thanks co-decision maker...

I came up with two that were nice, well made, reasonably priced, and had scents that were refreshing but not too feminine.

I'll discuss the second one when it arrives and we use it.  But our first new hand soap is Citrus Basil Foaming Liquid Soap by the cleverly named Foam on the Range.  Hailing from Kansas (The Sunflower State) all of the products contain sunflower oil, which is nifty.

Here is a pic from the Etsy posting of this soap.  I will show you my pics as well but I think our friends at Foam on the Range are much better photogs than I:

The bottle is cute enough to just plop on the counter

The soap arrived and, after we finished up what we currently had, we busted out the Citrus Basil.  I was instantly surprised by how clean the soap left my hands feeling. I know that Foam on the Range doesn't use harsh chemicals as their blog is as adamant about ingredient quality as any I've seen.  But the lack of commercial detergents does not show itself in this product.  My hands felt squeaky clean after washing.

The co-decision maker said he liked the soap claiming it had a refreshing scent that was clean and safe for a man but not too manly.  We like this soap.  We like it a bunch.  And the price is so reasonable.

Here are some pics of the soap in my humble bathroom.

I genuinely love the labels

neatly blending in

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A quick post

So, as I was cruising through my daily blog updates I saw this blog from Etsian, Angelic Soaps.

She's having a sale, ya'll...and not a little sale...a 50% off sale.

So I hightailed it over there and bought the Sensual Jasmine Velvet Shea (typical, I know) and the Gingerflower Shea.  Here are pics from Etsy side by side!

I am so excited to try them! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012 - The Best in Soap Blogs

I'm not feeling so amazing, lovely readers.  I am doing a 9 day Isagenix Cleanse and, while I am sure it is doing my body worlds of good, the not eating much (which for me is REALLY not much, considering I don't eat much to begin with) I'm just run down.  It has been a hellacious week.

So, I amused myself by catching up on many of the blogs I follow.  ANd I found some awesome things to pay forward.  So, here you go folks...July's best soap blog information...gleaned from the vast expanse of the interwebs by yours truly.

Over at the blog for Aunt Nancy's Soap, she has shown some new soaps on the curing rack.  One of the new ones, Green Cactus looks amazing.  It isn't up on her site yet I will claim a bar as my own as soon as it is...I mean LOOK:

On another blog, I found mention of an Etsy shop that isn't soap but still has me obsessed!  Real Fruit Jewelry makes, you guessed it, jewelry out of real fruit.  For example, this pendant made from a tomato.

Coming soon to NYC's FiDi...The Clean Diva in this necklace.

I can easily think of three or four people who would love this stuff and, at $24 including the chain, so affordable.  I'm sold.

I haven't ordered from this next place but I've been meaning to do just that for quite some time.  Margarita Bloom is like a bath and body store MADE for me.  Since becoming a much thinner and healthier me, I find that embracing the curves given me by nature (not french fries) is important.  I don't want to be a skinny bitch and I am proud to be healthy.  And my natural shape has led me toward a very 1950's pin up girl style fancy.  Marilyn is my style icon with Bettie and Rita hot on her heels.  I also like to throw in a decent amount of June Cleaver for good measure.  So imagine my excitement at a home page thatincludes quotations from all of my favorites.

Sake Rose Blossom Soap anyone?  Yes, please!

A Lady in the Garden?  Only when I must be...

The soaps are made with ingredients I love such as coconut oil and goat milk.  Everything just looks so appropriate for my fantasies of being Ms. Monroe.

Brambleberry has a recipe for making candles out of actual lemons and I think they are just adorable. 

Doggy Soap is something I actually need right now.  I love my little pups and especially adore them when they smell clean.  Ta-da!  Sirona Springs has the perfect thing for my boys and I am stoked to try it out soon.  I'm no lover of liquid soaps and this will be perfect for my tiny guys.

Only sweet smelling pups en mi casa!

Next on my list is a blog written by The Nova Studio.  This awesome post talks about the different kinds of soap and why each of them have their place in our clean little community.  Read it, its worth it.

My new favorite soap selling Web site may be Amathia Soap Works only because the descriptions are so good.  I'm particularly coveting the Moxie Cucumber Jasmine (seen above) as I love jasmine and I think cucumber is a great summery refreshing fragrance.  (Have you tried Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka...yum)  But what I love about the Web site is that they tell you everything you could ever want to know about the soap.  If you have allergies, personal issues with certain ingredients, or are just overly curious, this is your dream spot. 

Erin over at Naiad soaps did a month long soap a day project on her blog (you'll see I also ganked the real fruit Etsy store from her too) that can only be believed if seen.  My favorite was Day 20.

So sparkly and blue and I want it now!
 I like the soap options on the Bella Fresca site so much that I had to just pick one and this one made me laugh.:

This one has the scent of dirt in Camp Snoopy in the summertime.  But if I put this in my shower, how will I be able to see it?
My final note from around the internetz is an article on The Natural Beauty Workshop blog.  It tells you about ingredients in things and how they can impact you.  Since I am always babbling about these things I thought it might be interesting to see someone put it more eloquently than I.

That's all I have.  Up soon when I have a chance to breathe, I have to tell you about my new digs as well as the hand soap I ordered...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally, a soap I won't be trying

Here's where I am conflicted. 

Lately, many of the amazing women I know have been having babies, I've mentioned this before.  And many of them have become HUGE proponents of breast feeding, which is also cool.  The US Department of Health and Human Services has given funding to form and support a National Breastfeeding Campaign designed to help the average American both understand the benefits of breast feeding and also educate people on the hows, whens and whats of breast feeding.  All good stuff.

I won't lie, I have a personal discomfort with breast feeding but I realize it is my own problem.  I won't go too much into it because I know many people who read this could defeat me with logic in a hot second.  My reaction isn't logical...La Leche League International has entire articles on how to deal with breast feeding haters, so I guess I'm not uncommon but let's move on.

I get the benefits of breast feeding and think all women who can and want to breast feed should.  But lately, all of this good feeling about breast feeding has been exhibiting itself in some new and fascinating ways.  By this, I mean the advent of products for consumption made from breast milk.  From The Icecreamists in London who, in 2011 served breast milk ice cream to patrons (it sold out) to an NYU project that resulted in making breast milk cheese and Chef David Angerer's breast milk cheese , the use of breast milk has certainly morphed and the effects are polarizing.

Chef Angerer with his wife and child.  For more on his opinion, read the blog he wrote about it.  Interesting stuff.

So, of course breast milk soap would be part of this, right?  When I first saw mention of this phenomenon on Shecky's list of "Weirdest, Most WTF Beauty Products Ever" I thought this must be something that soapers are doing in their own homes to make use of what's extra.  After all, you are what you eat, right?  So maybe this soap is better for baby that Johnson's No More Tears.

Why have that when you can have this? 

But no, I suppose it can be quite the moneymaking enterprise to sell breast milk soap.  Etsy store Cahmille sells several different scents and varities of what soap maker Jessica calls "Mother's Milk Soap."  You can even buy a really pretty sampler of scents from her here at a super reasonable proce if you are so inclined.

Another Etsy store, The Green Box, sells some REALLY unique flavors and the soaps are just gorgeous.   Take a gander at the Healing Hemp natural Mother's Milk Soap. 

If you'd like to do it yourself, there is a recipe here but I warn you to read these precautions.

I'm admittedly not a scientist but I cannot imagine that this is not without its issues.  After all, many communicable diseases are spread through breast milk.  I'm not sure I would want to buy Mother Milk soap but I think the idea is fascinating.

I'd love to hear from people from various parts of my life comment on their feelings on this matter?  Has anyone tried the soap?

Food for thought on this Monday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why is Hand Made Soap Superior?

I confess that I recently watched a bunch of Hulu.  It was because I got a tiny bit addicted to Smash and just couldn't stop watching the show and trying to figure out in what universe Katherine McPhee can even begin to compete vocally with Megan Hilty. 

Gee folks, which one of these ladies looks more like Marilyn and can sing her butt off? 

But what was I saying?  Oh right...soap.

One of the commercials that plays during those Hulu "limited commercial interruptions" is a Dove bar soap commercial during which two women (presumably friends) are asked to take showers using each others soap.  Putting aside the extremely interesting undercurrents of the commercial (the showers were wheeled into the room and are attached and they are clear people...clear).  I was intrigued by the selling points for Dove in the ad.  It doesn't leave a film, it is less harsh, it doesn't make your skin feel tight.  And it made me think about why I made the move to handmade a few years back. 

I've posted before about the ingredients in a bar of Dove White versus those in a typical bar of handmade soap.   And while Dove is not the worst thing in the world, many of the reasons they tout their own wonderfulness is why I don't use them.

Earlier this week I had occasion to use someone else soap and my hands felt tight all evening.  I like feeling moisturized without having to slather on something greasy (I don't like lotions...that might make another good blog).  I enjoy a unique scent or design and I love knowing that someone created it with their own hands.  I derive great pleasure out of my soapy creations. 

So I have been doing some research into why handmade soap is just so much better and I think we are all due for a refresher course.

1.  Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients.  Handmade soaps don't often require preservatives like Tetrasodium EDTA which, I am not sure I agree is a carcinogen, certainly isn't a necessary part of the shower function.   Also, many handmade soapers are sourcing amazing essential oils that come from real plants.  They are coloring their products with things like flowers and stuff or, at the most extreme, dyes that are safer.  Many soapers insist on organic ingredients.  These soapers are making smaller batches because they aren't as concerned about bulk ordering or having to outsource work.  So what you get often contains ingredients that were lovingly selected by someone who is not just working, but making art.  How awesome is that?

2.  Speaking of those soapers...when you buy soap from a small distributor on Etsy or through their web site, you may be making a real difference.  Whenever I tell friends that they MUST buy from DeShawn Marie Handmade Soap or my personal obsession, Soap Rehab, you could be helping someone feed their kids, or send a daughter to college, or even just helping them realize a dream.  I like that.  And I appreciate that when I send an email saying "Your Spiced Pear Soap makes me sniff my own arm all day long" I am likely to get a positive and friendly response.  Supporting small business and the entrepreneurial spirit is such an awesome thing.  And the fact that I get to do that AND have my soap is kind of incredible.

3.  Glycerin.  Commercial soap makers typically remove most of this wonderful by-product of soap making as it has some other uses (like those aforementioned lotions I don't love).  This article says it much better than I can but I love that the natural process of soap making is left largely intact with smaller batch hand made soaps.  Read up on what glycerin is and why you want it in your soap.  It'll have you buying soap on Etsy immediately.

4.  It smells good and looks nice. 

I think these are amazing reasons to keep me coming back for more.   But why do YOU use or make hand made soap?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Soap for Dinner

Last night I was having dinner with two incredible friends at Olla Wine Bar in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  This place is amazing in its own right and I do love it.  Even if Olla isn't three blocks from your house, you should go there is you are ever in Brooklyn.  But that's a bit off topic.

One of my dining companions, while outside getting some air, ran into a soap maker.  After making friends with her, he brought her in to meet me.  She showed me two things.  One, a beautiful bar of soap she gave me to try.  (Please note that she was informed about this blog and the possibility of a review).  Two, she showed me some gift boxes she has put together for sale.  I don't have pictures of these but I can honestly say that this is some of the loveliest hand crafted soap I have seen.  She clearly takes great pride in her artistry.  I am trying to get some pics so I can share them with you all.  My honest statement was "well, I know what I will be getting many of the women in my life for Christmas."

Alex, the soap maker, explained that these are currently handcrafted in her home, the result of a period of listlessness and ennui in her life.  She puts argan oil in each bar.  This is great news to me as I am a huge fan or argan oil.  Found only in Morocco, lovers of this oil claim it is nearly miraculous.  I am not sure I would go that far but I can say that I have been putting it in my hair daily for the better part of a year and, in spite of constant coloring, washing, and heat processing, my hair is undamaged and silky.  So I at least believe in the moisturizing properties of argan oil.

Another thing that is amazingly cool about argan oil is that it is largely cultivated and processed by Berber women in Morocco.  And it is one industry that operates almost exclusively under fair trade practices.  There are increasing initiatives in Morocco to allow these women to have lives and families while also earning money for their work in the extraction of oil from argan trees.  How cool is that?

These are ladies hard at work extracted oil for my soap...thanks ladies!  Read more about argan oil here and here.

The soap Alex gave me also contains oatmeal in the top part of the bar.  This I also love as oatmeal is both nourishing and a great exfoliant.  I was so excited I am shocked I waited until this morning to try the soap.  Here are some pics.  These were taken a bit as an after thought as I cut the soap in half before contemplating photos...I was just so excited.

Above is the soap from the top.  It is a light brown colored glyceriney layer which holds that oatmeal I mentioned.

And there is the soap from the side.  It's not the best photo I ever took but you can see the layers and the white creamy layer on the bottom.

So I know you are wondering when I will get to the damned point and tell you what it was like?

Oh man oh man oh man.

This soap may have made me fall passionately in love with soap again.

First of all, it doesn't take a tremendous amount of water to get it working.  I like that as I have been dealing lately with commercial bars that dry out, lose their scent, and require so much water to get them going that they disintegrate sooner.  Hate that so much.

But not this soap.  I don't know if it was the much loved argan oil or something else but the lather was just so creamy.  I used it to shave my legs and it was thick and moisturizing enough for that project.  I got a great shave from it (win).  The oatmeal side provided just enough grit for me to get a good foot washing out of it.  The soap doesn't have a super strong scent.  For me, this isn't my favorite since I like to reek of scent all day but it occurs to me that this would make an amazing soap for a unisex shower, as I have yet to meet a man who likes to leave behind a cloud of roses.  (With the exception of Ronny, but that's another story).

All up, this was one of the better shower experiences I have had in quite some time.  I really want to try more from Alex.  I hope she puts up an Etsy store or the like very soon.  Stay tuned as I think I may have found the next great thing in Bay Ridge.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How a clogged drain ruins a shower

So last night I spent the night at my own apartment...shocking, I know.  This morning I got up, kind of stoked to shower in my old shower with a wonderful fizzy foam soap I had sitting there.

But there was something that I forgot!  The drain at my old apartment is so very, very clogged.  Within five minutes, the water was up to my ankles and rising.  So I washed fast.  Now, nobody there looks like this:

clogged drain cartoons, clogged drain cartoon, clogged drain picture, clogged drain pictures, clogged drain image, clogged drain images, clogged drain illustration, clogged drain illustrations

But it just reminded me of how much a clogged drain can make a day less bright.  Bummer.

And the sad thing is that many have tried and failed to unclog this drain.  Nothing seems to work.

So am I really clean today?  I dunno. 

I hate clogged drains.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lately its been meh for me

I really should write this blog more often.  After all, I do bathe daily.  Lately I've been grinding all the gritty bits off a slice of Sandstone by Lush because my feet have had a rough Winter/Spring. 

I have also been totally into Turkish Delight body smoothie by Lush followed by their Ro's Argan and I am finally kind of tapped out of both.  I think the boyfriend is stoked I'm out because he says I smell like a rose bush died on me.

As for actual flowers, I have been hopelessly into peonies lately.  So perhaps I can find some peony soap to try.

Like this one by EcoChicSoaps:

Pink  Peony Soap - Mother's Day - Decorative Gift Soap - Vegan Friendly

More to come...this time, I swear it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I Got Nuthin

Different people like different things about soap.  Some like lather, some like a strong scent, some like no scent and no lather.

Me, I like to revel in it.  I love when I can smell my soap all day.  I love it when it smells more intense in the shower than dry.  I love unique scents, textures, colors...I love it when its obvious that a soaper made the product with love.  I adore it when there is no SLS but yet the lather is foamy and intense.  I like having soap to rave about and soapers to promote.

So imagine my sadness to discover that everything in my soap train case is by Lush.  Fail.  Epic. Fail.

It seems the only option is to shop.  So I went online to check out my past purchases and realized I haven't bought soap since October 2010.  This is criminal and must be fixed.

Where to start, where to start, where to start...

Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Shower at the Fella's Place

It's interesting.  The first time you take a shower in someone's place has weight if you intend to do it often.  Last night, I found myself packing a bag of toiletries to take over.  I'll concentrate on the decisions as nobody wants me to yammer on about love.

So, the question is "what bath products are appropriate to take to your signficant other's apartment when you are trying to take up as little space as possible?" to get clean without toting 12 products.

I turned to my old stand by Lush for inspiration as I have a literal train case of Lush products.  For soap, I decided to pick the classic Alkmaar as it always makes me feel very soft and sexy.  Truthfully, my skin is suffering this winter from being bare legged in the cold and probably a bit from the nutritional changes due to surgery.  The greatest thing about Alkmaar, other than the fact that it smells like jasmine, is that it goes delightfully with two of my other favorite products Silky Underwear Dusting Powder and Potion.  I can't link to Potion as it appears to have gone the way of the Dodo, so take my word for it.  It's a jasmine extravaganza that makes me feel clean, dry in all the right places and moisturized in all the right places. 

I suppose all I am missing is Lovely Jubblies.  Has anyone tried this?  Do I need super special cream for my breasts.  Will it make them bigger?  I'm kidding on the last bit...mostly.  I would, however, be interested in someone's review of the product if you use it.

So the big question is regarding hair products.  Shampoo bottles are cumbersome and those tiny hotel room bottles aren't cost effective.  Luckily, one of Lush's last great remaining products is the solid shampoo bar.  I'm typically into Godiva because it smells like jasmine (sensing a theme here?) but today I broke out the Karma Komba.  It works beautifully.  I don't know how that much lather comes from solid shampoo and, in spite of the SLS in the shampoo bar, I like it.  I think I'll go easy lest the suflates turn my red hair pink but I did enjoy the time I spent with the Lush today.

It was a good shower and relatively groundbreaking for me.  But what are some good, compact ways to pack an overnight toiletry bag?  Does anyone have fave products that travel easily, are handmade and make you smell like something incredible? 

Or does anyone have a favorite jasmine soap they'd like to share?

Happy Friday, ya'll.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pornography of the Soap Variety

I know, I know...two blogs in one day.  Truthfully, I have been perusing soap listings on Etsy all afternoon and simply couldn't resist sharing some things I covet right now.

I have so much soap that I could not possibly use more...right?

Sigh.  Check these out:

My roommate, says she is allergic to polka dots.  And I love coconut.  In fact, I often smell like coconut due to my obsessive use of sulfate free organic coconut shampoo...but I digress.

Etsian Pink Dotted Owl sells THIS little bit of goodness.

The smell is of black cherries and coconut.  To me, that seems like an excuse to hang out in the shower for awhile.  I also like the shape and pattern of this soap.  It is lovely enough for me to want to use it and manly enough to satisfy those of you who may live with a manly type person (yes, I'm looking at you, Heather).

But moving on to something COMPLETELY different...

Although you should check out the store here.  There's some good stuff.

Sooooo...I'm kind of a princess.  It's ok to laugh.  I know it, you know, people in space know it.  And I love champagne.  And sparkly, when I saw this I giggled and then I got excited.  It's called Gold Digger which I don't love because real princesses make their own money.  But it is pretty...observe:

It's not pink, which I like because pink would be so obvious for a strawberries and champagne soap.  instead, it looks a bit like a ghetto fabulous pair of glittery goal pleather pants exploded into a bar of soap.

Bad analogy?  Forgive me, I'm rusty here.

Should I comment on fairies or pixies?  Nah.

Should I buy this soap?  Probably?

And now for my favorite of the day...I could explain this but I won't.  I'll just say that someone I love very much will understand the humor and those who have heard the story will get it too.

I'm sorry my mom is so offensive, baby.  Should we buy her this?

It's soap.  Made from Polish Etsian The Soap Magician.  In addition to amusing me with Polish beer soap, this soaper also makes the extraordinarily intriguing Aloe and White Lilac soap.
And that's enough soap porn for the day. 

That's what she said...

The Perfect Soap to Go With the Perfect Man

God what a year!

Some highlights include the 91 lbs I lost (so far), the incredible success I experienced at work with regards to bringing in revenue and...perhaps most important...falling in love.

So, when I initially told the new man that I write a blog about soap (or wrote, I suppose, given my recent negligence in updating) he laughed.  Hysterically.  And teased me.  Incessantly. 

At first, he just didn't get it.  For example, while at a hotel in Westchester, he teased me asking if I would write about the hotel smelled of mandarin and mint and he thought it may be blog worthy.  So I tried to explain that not all soap is created equal.  I pontificated that I feel cleaner when I have washed with a soap that was lovingly created by someone  in their home or shop.  I informed him that I like unique scents. colors and textures.  And then I got a little embarassed.

But now I'm over it.  And then, while visiting my family and me in Georgia over the holidays, my fella says he wants to buy me soap.  I looked at him incredulously and asked him why.  Turns out, the blogging is actually "cute."


The positive outcome is I got this:

Again, from Nourish in Savannah.  Love.