Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How a clogged drain ruins a shower

So last night I spent the night at my own apartment...shocking, I know.  This morning I got up, kind of stoked to shower in my old shower with a wonderful fizzy foam soap I had sitting there.

But there was something that I forgot!  The drain at my old apartment is so very, very clogged.  Within five minutes, the water was up to my ankles and rising.  So I washed fast.  Now, nobody there looks like this:

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But it just reminded me of how much a clogged drain can make a day less bright.  Bummer.

And the sad thing is that many have tried and failed to unclog this drain.  Nothing seems to work.

So am I really clean today?  I dunno. 

I hate clogged drains.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lately its been meh for me

I really should write this blog more often.  After all, I do bathe daily.  Lately I've been grinding all the gritty bits off a slice of Sandstone by Lush because my feet have had a rough Winter/Spring. 

I have also been totally into Turkish Delight body smoothie by Lush followed by their Ro's Argan and I am finally kind of tapped out of both.  I think the boyfriend is stoked I'm out because he says I smell like a rose bush died on me.

As for actual flowers, I have been hopelessly into peonies lately.  So perhaps I can find some peony soap to try.

Like this one by EcoChicSoaps:

Pink  Peony Soap - Mother's Day - Decorative Gift Soap - Vegan Friendly

More to come...this time, I swear it.