Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer Scents

It's no secret I like strong scents.  Something about the way a scent comes off of someone's skin is the ultimate in sensuality for me.  I'll be G-rated since this posts to my Facebook but you all know what I mean. 

We've all had someone walk by us and turned to watch because they smell so good.  I once sat by a world leader (I won't disclose which one) and came away talking not about how smart he was or how amazed I was to be sharing space with him.  Rather, I could only state that he smelled better than any man I have ever met. 

I once was in love with a man I could never really have...and I can close my eyes and remember his scent to this day, although years have gone by since I last saw him. 

Maybe I am a glutton for the olfactory or maybe I am just human. 

But this leads me to a bit of a conundrum. 

I've got it a bit down at this point.  If I need to wake up, I reach for something smelling of clove, cinnamon, fennel or mint.  If I need to feel sexy, it is jasmine.  If I want to feel the sweet Southern girl (and sometimes I do) it is always gardenia.  Pear for a day with buddies and vanilla or lavender for for calming.  I could go on and on.

But I recently overheard someone talking about switching scents for summer.  Hmmm...are there appropriate summer scents versus winter scents.  Is the scent of jasmine that tends to cling to my skin too much for July?

I bellied up to my spot at the Bulgari counter to try Mon Jasmin Noir...the "perfect summer scent" for those of us who wear the mysterious, jasminey Jasmin Noir. faded into my skin almost instantly.

I don't like to walk around in a cloud of scent like some kind of flowery Pigpen but I do like to catch a whiff of someone's perfume when they move.

So, the question is: Do you all change your scents in the summer?  Do you use different soap when its warm out?  Is it like white after Labor Day?  Or should we all shirk this notion and rock our fave scents regardless of the temps outside?

Happy Spring, all.

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  1. Honestly, I never thought about it until you posted this. When it comes to perfume, I have my one signature scent and one my husband likes. Soap & lotion are where I have some options (thanks to you turning me onto handmade) and I simply choose the scent that I'm in the mood for that day. Society has gotten a little too commercial for my taste (in SO many ways) and I wonder if this desire to change scents for the season is a result. I say, if it smells good on you, wear it whenever you feel like it!