Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Texture is everything

I am on the countdown now, kids.  In a little over two days, I board a plane to Venice.  From Venice, the moms and I will grab a ship and travel to Split, Croatia; Naples, Italy; Rome, Italy; Florence/Pisa, Italy; Marseilles, France and Barcelona, Spain.  Then, because we are in the neighborhood, we will spend a day in Paris. 

I am beyond stoked.

So waking up these past few mornings has been hell because 1.  The day to leave has not yet arrived and 2.  Work has a tendency to get crazy when one is about to leave the country for 12 glorious days. 

So I have been playing with my soap, so to speak.  I've reached for Lush products these past two mornings and both are only available to me due to my uncanny ability to know what works best frozen.

First up is Snow Showers shower jelly from Lush:

Snow Showers

Oh how I love this one.  First of all, the shower jellies are just unadulterated shower time fun.  I drop them constantly (good thing I'm not in prison) and just make a HUGE mess.  And this one smells like oranges and cognac.  It's a Christmas soap.  It doesn't scream Christmas to me but it does scream good times.  Also, googling to find the picture above also took me to a new blog, Rotten Otter's, which seems to be a blog by someone with strangely similar taste to me. 

But seriously, if you haven't tried a Lush shower jelly, you should.  They are a rockin' good time.

And now for the Rest-In-Peace oh favorite soap of mine portion of our program. 

Lush used to make something called Buttercreams and they were barely soap.  15% soap, 85% things that smelled yummy and made your skin feel even yummier.  They barely lathered and they didn't smell like much dry.  But oh it was like rubbing your body with the most luxurious sweet smelling wonderfulness in the shower.  Of these, The Emperor of Ice Cream was my favorite.  Jasmine, vanilla and...Orange honey.  How I coveted the Emperor.  How I loved him.  How I cherished him.

So, of course, Lush discontinued the buttercreams.  I've yet to find anything else that smells like Emporer of Ice Cream.  Luckily, I still have some. 

And, even now, hours after the shower, I can smell it. 

I smell good.

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