Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Best Absinthe Episode I've Had in Some Time

Good morning all!  I used a soap yesterday that made me think of a story. 

Back in the Spring of 2008, I was spending some time in a hotel room with my favorite German, Ronny and some other friends.  It was 4am and we decided to do some additional drinking.  We called room service and had them bring up spoons.  And then we proceeded to consume two bottles of German absinthe.  Oy.

I had a meeting at 7:30am during which I had to sit in front of a whole bunch of complaining people.  I looked over at the person running the meeting and she said "Hey, I would like to field most of the questions this morning if you don't mind." I replied "I think that's a great idea because I am fairly sure I am still drunk."

It was not my proudest moment. 

That was the last time I imbibed Absinthe, even though I still have some in my house. 

Shockingly enough, I still love the smell.  So when I was cruising Etsy looking for some soap to purchase and I saw this picture...I had to stop.

Absinthe Shea Butter Soap soap
I had to have it.  Plus, I have been eyeing Naiad Soap Arts for some time!  So order it I did and waited.

When I received the package in the mail, it had been way too long since I got new soap because it felt like Christmas.  The first thing I noticed is how professional this soaper's packaging is:

Now, my photography skills are sincerely lacking but use your imagination.  It's nice.  And I swear I could smell the soap through the packaging...num.my.

Here is the box once I opened it. It's kind of hard to see what with the bad light, but I adore the stamp in the soap.

So...the big story.  How was it?  The answer is pretty good.  This is a really hefty bar and, even after cutting it up into hand sized strips, I still barely wore down my strip in one long shower.  The soap foams nicely and certainly gets the job done.  I didn't feel pinched or dry after.  So, all in all, a really great soap.,

I only have one complaint,  As soon as the soap got wet it stopped smelling.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, this is not my favorite thing.  But gosh my bathroom smells good from having it in the soap dish.

And now for a gratuitous puppy with soap picture:

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