Friday, November 12, 2010

I used the same soap two days in a row.

Last holiday season, the Romeo Mike (aka Room mate) got a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works for Christmas from somebody at her work.  She used it to buy stuff but, most notable, Yuletide Pear Vanilla Body Cream.  Because she has this amazing ability to make things last that I don't have (I use or lose things incessantly.  It's how I roll).

This stuff smells pretty rockin'.  And what's grooviest about it is that she tends to waft that scent everywhere she goes.  And when she hugs my pups, they start to smell like it and that's cool.  Because I love pears.  If you need to know more about that click here or here or even here.

Anywhoodles, when I was picking out soaps over at Lippincott, I came across Vanilla Pear (no link because they don't have it up right now.) 

I tried it yesterday and was like...meh...but COME ON it's pear.  So I tried it again.  And this morning I really really liked it.  It smells just like the lotion. 

Maybe I should buy the Romeo Mike a bar for Christmas.

Anyway, I know that's a tiny little review but I am pretty brain dead.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I *almost* got that one! But I tried the Hula Girl one, and I really enjoyed that one! I love Lippincott...