Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stuff I LOVE!!!!! Volume 2

So far, I only have one guest blogger in my little contest!  Are you all going to just let her win?

No worries, kittens.  I have a whole new set of Stuff I LOVE! for your perusal. (Please note all pictures are from the seller's Etsy store).

First up, the vegan friendly Refreshing Pear and Berry Soap    It's no secret that I love pears and anything that smells like pears so this soap by Island Girl Craft N Gift is right up my alley!

Another thing I love?  Champagne.  And what's perfect with champagne?  Strawberries!  And what doesn't give you a massive hangover?  Strawberries and Champagne Shea Butter Soap by The Soap Shop.  If that isn't a compelling argument to buy this soap, I cannot think of a better one.

Ok so this next one doesn't look like much but it is made with muscadine wine, an amazing Southern secret that I really miss now that I live in Yankee land.  (Sorry Yankees)  North Carolina's own Lovin' the Land sells Duplin County Wine and Sesame soap.

For other Southern bits of wonderfulness, they also have Sweet Potato Pie Soap, check it out.

For a super unique scent combo, I am intrigued by Grapefruit Gardenia soap by Bella Bath & Body!  I like the post on Etsy for this one because I learned something new.  It turns out citrus fragrance oils can make you sensitive to the sun.

Some months ago, I published a blog here about the substandard soap at my office.  This next little gem (or should I say gems) could be the solution.  They are called soap leaves and are made from REAL LEAVES covered in soap.  You can use them for one wash and are left with a cute little leaf to throw away and freak people out when they look in the garbage!  One order gets you 20 soap leaves and you get to pick the color and the scent.  The are made by Outre Beauty Bistro and I am in L-O-V-E.  Please buy some of these.  I think I may.  Check out her other soaps too because they are gorge.

Button's Bubbles brings you Baton Rouge soap.  This one is in honor of my colleague, CT.  She is from New Orleans, which is not Baton Rouge but the scent description of this soap reminds me of her...oak mixed with a sultry blend of Cajun spices.  BAM!

One of my blog readers, Joanna has this incredible shop called Product Body and, in this unbelievable shop, she has this soap called Poison Apple that looks and sounds like a shower dream come true.  It has the scent of apples and cinnamon and graham cracker PLUS a little black pepper.  Sign. Me. Up. and not just because Joanna posts things that help me learn about soap beyond "I like this.  It smells good."

I came across the Gingerbread Sugar Spa Massage Bar while watching the Philosophy people yap on QVC or HSN about how liquid soap is better than bar soap.  NO WAY!  This soap has nubbies for massaging and sugar for scrubbing.  All while smelling like the holiday appropriate but admittedly awesome all year gingerbread.  Wowsa.  It's made by Nanas Soaps.

 Beyond the Christmas Song reference in the description (this is the ONLY non-Chipmunks Christmas song I can tolerate...mainly because my father and I delight in rewriting it every year) Sweet Roasted Chestnuts soap just sounds warm and yummy.  It reminds me of the smell of chestnut vendors in NY at Christmas.  And while it may be cold, NYC is magical around the holidays. Thanks for making this one, Beacon Creations.

The final soap for this installment of Stuff I LOVE is Bottoms Up by lymonia dawkins.  This soap seems to carry the unwritten slogan of "if one thing is good, 10 is even better."  This is my life motto too.  Everything in excess.  So.  It is scented with roses, orchids, other exotic flowers, honey, pineapple and spice.  LOVE IT!  Plus, it is super pretty.

And that's all for this week kittens and puppies.  Sign up for the contest!

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  1. You're killing me with these compilation posts. I blew a ton of money at Sephora and Lush online recently, so I have been TRYING to behave. I'll be damned if you aren't hellbent on getting me to go on an Etsy binge. Not sure if I can hold out much longer.