Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh NO!

This morning, I got up and opened the trunk of soap I have.  I thought I would go with something different than my norm. 

My hand grasped my tub of Foaming Sugar Scrub by Hartley Soaps.  I've had it longer than I would like to admit but have never used it.  Here is the photo from the original Etsy posting.

The scent is Eucalyptus and Spearmint but the smell is somehow sweet and minty.  It's unbelievable.  I cannot even describe it appropriately.  The listing said it has lavender in it.  That makes sense.  The scent would make an amazing linen spray.

But I digress.  The formula of this stuff is incredible.  The second water hits it, it gets sort of foamy.  Like a bath fizzy but not because the texture remains velvety soft and maintains that incredible smell.  The description describes it as a scrub but there is nothing abrasive in the product.  If it is secretly exfoliating my skin, I will be completely in love.

The big issue.  This product doesn't seem to be available on Hartley's Etsy site anymore.


  1. Oh my you have had that a long time, It is good to know tht it has stood the test of time and that you enjoyed it! Chack back next year I may carry that again - In the mean time I do have a great body polish - -

  2. Is the spearmint eucaplyptus soap on your Art Fire shop the same scent as the foaming sugar scrub? Also, I need Jasmine Honey now...