Friday, September 14, 2012

A Word on Wen

For those of you may not know me well or for those who don't see me all the time, here's a secret:

My hair isn't naturally purple/auburn.

Shocker right?

The problem with 1. red hair and 2. dark dyed hair is that the color fades...FAST.

So most of my color has gone to turn the tub pink.

Its sad.

And then one day I was walking the treadmill at the gym and started watching the Wen by Chaz Dean infomercial.  It was like 6m and it was on.  Alyssa Milano was babbling on about how fabulous her hair looked and I didn't care because she would look fabulous in a potato sack after not showering for a month.  But the idea of a non shampoo hair cleanser stuck with me.

And then, a few months ago, frustrated that even my sulfate free hair products were washing out my color, I decided to go online and order some Wen.  I got the intro kit in lavender which had the conditioning shampoo, the replenishing mask, the replnishing mist, the styling dreme, the balm and a comb for $35.  Not bad, right?

Except they apparently cannot get it to you to save their ever loving lives.

First they sent it to some wonky address that didn't even match the one I specified.  And I had to call them to tell them that I didn't get it and it had been returned.  They were nice enough and offered to expedite me another shipment and refund my money.  That's sweet.

EXCEPT THEY SCREWED UP THE ADDRESS AGAIN (even after we went over it on the phone).  The shipment arrived somewhere, we just don't know where and since they don't ask for signature, we never will.

I told them to fuhgeddaboutit.

And then I was hanging with my Dear BF's fantastically awesome mother who happens to love QVC (as do I) and I asked her if she had tried Wen.  She had!  She liked it AND it was Today's Special Value.  So she loaned me her conditioning shampoos to try the next morning and then she, her awesome husband and my darling convinced me to buy some from the Q.

The next day I tried her Fig scented and made my BF try the tea tree.  And you know what?  My hair had never felt better. 

And then MY shipment arrived from QVC in about 3 days (because they have it together...Chaz should fire his own people and work exclusively through the Q...for serious).  And I've been addicted ever since.  I got the BIG BIG bottle of cleansing conditioner, some travel packs of that too (very useful for upcoming WY vacay), a bottle of the Replenishing Treatment Mist, and the Re-Moist Hydrating Mask...all in lavender.

I have never loved my hair more.  It is silky, I can always comb my fingers through it, it smells fantastic and I am an addict.  I want to use it twice a day but try for every third day.  My hair is not getting greasy but I am careful rinser.

Guys, I know I am not one for commercial products, but I ADORE THIS STUFF.  And want to try the other products.

Just do yourself a favor and order through QVC.

Picture borrowed from QVC
And now, if you will excuse me, I am off to wash my hair.

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