Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How a clogged drain ruins a shower

So last night I spent the night at my own apartment...shocking, I know.  This morning I got up, kind of stoked to shower in my old shower with a wonderful fizzy foam soap I had sitting there.

But there was something that I forgot!  The drain at my old apartment is so very, very clogged.  Within five minutes, the water was up to my ankles and rising.  So I washed fast.  Now, nobody there looks like this:

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But it just reminded me of how much a clogged drain can make a day less bright.  Bummer.

And the sad thing is that many have tried and failed to unclog this drain.  Nothing seems to work.

So am I really clean today?  I dunno. 

I hate clogged drains.



  1. “I hate clogged drains.” – I’m sure, we all do. Has anyone figured out what caused the clog? Have you had it checked by a plumber? Maybe the pipes were installed incorrectly. There could be some misalignment in the pipeworks that’s causing glitches in the water flow. Levi @

  2. Who would love clogged drains? Hehe! Aside from the inconvenience that it gives us, it can also be the source of foul odors. Anyway, it's been years now and I hope you've fixed this immediately. You better keep your plumber's contact details handy so that you won't have any trouble calling for him when necessary. :)

    Mark Baker @

  3. A very, very clogged drain – no wonder you had to shower fast. There’s no use in scrubbing, when the dirt will just climb back to your feet and ankles. So what caused the blockage, accumulated hair strands? You better do something with that before it gets worse. Monica @ Village Plumbing & Home Services

  4. Gotta agree with Mark here. Clogged drains are a nuisance one can avoid by simply being diligent. However, a lot of people still are negligent regarding their drainage system and how to take care of it properly. Getting trusted plumbersto take a look will surely go a long way. Thanks for sharing, Erin!

    Jimmy Depetris