Monday, January 9, 2012

I Got Nuthin

Different people like different things about soap.  Some like lather, some like a strong scent, some like no scent and no lather.

Me, I like to revel in it.  I love when I can smell my soap all day.  I love it when it smells more intense in the shower than dry.  I love unique scents, textures, colors...I love it when its obvious that a soaper made the product with love.  I adore it when there is no SLS but yet the lather is foamy and intense.  I like having soap to rave about and soapers to promote.

So imagine my sadness to discover that everything in my soap train case is by Lush.  Fail.  Epic. Fail.

It seems the only option is to shop.  So I went online to check out my past purchases and realized I haven't bought soap since October 2010.  This is criminal and must be fixed.

Where to start, where to start, where to start...


  1. Simple, start at Etsy! Also, you may not have bought online, but you did buy in person at Nourish last year and this year, so it could be worse.

  2. I hit Spotted Owl, I am so excited

  3. I have some (shameless) suggestions! Based on the kinds of scents you seem to like, I'd recommend these Blissology soaps:

    Acai Berry:

    Mountain Showers:

    Black Raspberry Vanilla:
    (don't worry, the vanilla part is very light and just compliments the berry-ness)

    Mandarin Basil Lime (current batch has a different kind of swirl than the one pictured):

    And maybe Zen Green Tea (again, the current batch looks a little bit different):

  4. ooooh...I am ALL OVER the Mandarin Basil Lime (at least) as soon as I get paid...woot