Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Savannah Soap Finds Day One: Red Clover Tea

So day one of the Savannah Soaps finds week involved an extremely early shower with Red Clover Tea soap from Nourish.  The shop itself is really cool and exactly the kind of place I could see myself opening if I ever got bored being an insurance mogul in training.  The smells wafts down Broughton Street and invites me in with pictures of cute puppies in the window and promises of many many kinds of soap made by people in my hometown.  You just cannot get more inviting than that.

Of the three soaps I bought this time, I was most enamored at first sniff with the Red Clover Tea.  This soap is a glycerin soap that is made by
local artisans and cut to size.  It is sulfate free and detergent free.  And it has some tea leaves on the top.  I was REALLY excited to try this one.  Here is a picture I took of it myself. 

I am not the best photgrapher so just deal with the crappy quality. 

So, it was the first one of the batch I tried and...it was ok.  I think someone who is into soaps that smell good but don't have a scent that clings to the skin would like this a bunch.  It has a nice lather and a creamy consistency.  I will note that the soap has to be really wet to build up a lather but, once it does, it is foamy.  For me, however, the scent was not potent enough once in the shower.  And that's my favorite part.  Plus, the little tea leaf bits kept sticking to my skin. 

I do feel as though my skin was moisturized and soft when I got out of the shower, which is really nice.  But I didn't get that steamy perfumey quality I like so much.  So I recommend this one to those who like a soap that smells better dry than wet. 

I am a little sad because it smells SO GOOD when dry.  The bulk of this one will be sealed and kept for a potential present.

I have more soap from Nourish coming up as well as the mysterious shamrock soap Haley mentioned.

Stay tuned.

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