Friday, February 20, 2009

Stop whatever you are doing and buy this box...RIGHT NOW

145, give or take a few.

That is the number of blogs I currently read. I get these from randomly browsing Etsy and then looking at what other people read. Through my perusal I discovered the blog for Gabbriella's Sampler and soon realized what this blog advertised is a SAMPLER chock full of stuff from all over Etsy.

In case you missed that, let me explain again:

If you click here you can buy for $12 (aka VERY VERY little) a box filled to the brim with samples and goodies from some of the most amazing people on Etsy.

So is a shot of what the box looks like when you first open the package.

There is a huge part of me that wants to tell you one by one every single item in the box but then when you go and buy it the experience won't be as awesome as it was for me. Let's just say that I am completely addicted to two of the products ALREADY and have ordered something from one the Etsy shops that contributed. And you know what, the person who runs that shop turned out to be incredible.

And there are so many great bath products in there.

Here is a shot of the inside:

Go. Buy. One. Now. Seriously, go. This is the best deal on Etsy.

Plus, buying one enters you in a raffle.



  1. Great to hear that you're enjoying the sampler box from Gabbriella's Closet!

    Thank you for the compliment on the items I contributed to the sampler!
    Hope you come back for more when you run out =]

    Thanks again,

    Dan - Pure Naturals owner

  2. Erin your the best publicist!!!! Thank you for such a great review.....The March lineup is incredible also!!!!(It will also have some leftovers from February from those who contributed a higher amount of samples, so what a great blend!)Thank you for helping this venture grow!

  3. This is wonderful seeing so many entrepreneurs working together to help each other succeed.

    A special thanks to Gabbriella for including my samples in her February sampler!


  4. This was a GREAT experience for me I met two VERY nice people one was Gabreiella who I would like to Thank for such Beautiful Boxes and for being a Wonderful Woman. Next is Erin who also is a VERY nice person easy to talk to and hasn't yelled at me yet for talking to much! I cant wait to do another box and see what new adventures await me!

    Go know and check out Gabriella's Sampler Goodies. You NEVER know, your new MUST HAVE might be waiting inside for you!

    Judy & Lainey Woof Woof