Monday, February 2, 2009

Sinuses...ugh...Good God Ya'll

What are they good for?

Well, I woke this morning and I couldn't breathe. Thank God nobody sleeps with me but Teddy or I might have caused someone a good night's sleep. (Teddy snores so I don't feel sorry for him.)

So I stumbled to the bathroom and guess what...there was hot water.


So I dug through the train case o'soap and found one from LostRiverRags called Eucalyptus. I figured this would clear me out a bit. And it did. Plus, it is green and pretty. I am kinda sold on this goat's milk soap. Either the folks over at LRR are geniuses or the goat milk/shea butter combo gives a soapgasm or both.

Probably both.

I used my whole sample up in one shower :( That bums me out because I wonder what it smells like when I can smell things.

On another note, I googled sinuses and discovered they are everywhere including your brain and heart. They also exist in a place Southern ladies don't mention because everybody knows Southern ladies only go to the Water Closet to powder their noses.

And anyway, they supposedly serve a function but it is highly debated which to me means "nobody really knows." And they get infected and cause headaches. When my tonsils cause problems they took them out. So can they fill my sinuses in? Seriously, they are completely useless.

That is all. Go buy some soap

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