Monday, October 25, 2010

OFM...Old Favorite Mondays

This morning, as I was contemplating my giant bag of soaps (I really should take a picture of the really is huge) and I caught sight of an old favorite.  At first I thought it was the amazing Lush Demon in the Dark but it was actually another old favorite: Sea Vegetable or just "Sea Veg" for those of us who are hopeless Lushies.  I got kind of excited when climbing into the shower with my old friend. 

As the lovely lavendar scent surrounding me and my skin started to feel that clean yet hydrated feeling I adore about Lush soaps, I was at least temporarily pulled from my Monday morning slumpfest.  And it got me to thinking.

Perhaps I should bathe every morning with an old favorite.  Hence, OFM.  It sounds like a dirty gangsta rap group but is really very very clean.  I dig it. 

Interestingly, after getting out of the shower, I notice the shower rash.  Not as bad as previously blogged about but there nevertheless. So, I consulted the Lush Web site and yes, SLS.   I wonder if  I am developing a tragic reaction to SLS. 

This week, I intend to invest $20 in new soaps to try.  It's like Christmas...but with SOAP.


  1. I nearly feel over when I found out that LUSH uses SLS in their soaps! I made a special trip for soap and didn't find out until I came home.
    I was very saddened. Im not sure I can make myself by them again, even though I love them terribly.
    I hope your rash goes away.

  2. Tammy, it is beyond infuriating. My rash typically clears up within a few hours so I don't think I am suffering permanent damage but I like to listen to my skin and clearly it ain't happy.

    Last time I was at Lush they were talking about swapping out all of their SLS with Sodium Coco-Sulfate. I am pretty ignorant about these things but I wondered if that is any better. Can't people just learn to live without lather?

  3. You should invest in the Lippincott Soap Co. Their soaps are amazing! I love the Pumpkin Apple Butter one! Here's a link to their Etsy shop:

  4. Point taken! I just bought soap!