Sunday, October 17, 2010

Horror of Horrors

One of the ways in which I am incredibly girlie is that I have always had a go-to perfume.  When I was in my late teens and through my late twenties, it was ALWAYS, ALWAYS Chanel No. 5.  I thought that anything worn by Marilyn Monroe and immortalized by the incredibly amazing Andy Warhol (see below)

had to be the ultimate in femininity.  As time went on, I started to see the draw of jasmine, a middle note of No. 5,  which seems to be my Achilles Heel of scents.


I was at JFK about to board a plane to Germany in the Fall of 2008 when I came upon Bvlgari's Jasmin Noir at the Duty Free shop.  Liking the smell from the bottle, I sprayed a bit on myself and then hopped the flight.  6 hours of being cooped up in the plane later, I could still smell this scent.  It's different from No. 5, warmer and homier somehow and it lingers in a way that's not heavy handed or overwhelming.  Long story short, I had discovered a new signature fragrance.  To this day, I love it, even if I do leave it mainly for night time as it is a slightly naughty fragrance.

I like it so much that I even bought the shower gel.  I've been using it for those special nights out for almost 2 years.  It helps to layer the scent and has a nice, yummy texture.  It's liquid and probably a smidge harsher than my normal soaps but it smells so nice.
I've had two occasions lately that called for the shower gel.  Two Saturdays in a row, as a matter of fact. 
Both times, I have noticed a red rash on my arms, chest and neck.  Could I be allergic to my shower gel?  And why would it happen all of a sudden? Why am I having such a horrible time with soap lately? 

I wonder if I can find a more natural, less chemically soap that smells something like Jasmin Noir?


  1. Gah! That is terrible news about your shower gel! I am guessing it is actually drying you out and irritating your skin. Does it have sodium laurel sulfate in it? I've found that the same red bumpies happen to me if I use a gel with that ingredient. Lameness.

  2. It probably does. I gave up shampoo with SLS because it did HORRIBLE things to my hair. Sadly, anything you buy non-handmade or Lush (although Lush has it in some products) tends to have it. Stupid SLS

  3. Indeed. Major suckage! I found that shampoo with it gives me the flakies. GROSS. So, I have had to be really picky about shampoos. Aging skin, dry skin sucks.