Friday, December 10, 2010

At a Loss

Winter is strange.  I want to enjoy the Christmas Season.  Hell, I work half a block from Rockefeller Center and I should delight in the joyous lights, etc.

But I am so tired.  So very very tired.

And there is no good reason.  I am sleeping at night.  Life could be less stressful but it could definitely be more stressful too. 

Something about this season, as we head toward the darknest night of the year saps my strength completely.  Getting out of bed in the morning hurts.  Going to bed at night, I read about a paragraph before falling into a dead sleep.  Boy howdy does it blow.

And, to make matters worse, I have a soap that I have been using.  I picked it up at a shop in Savannah last February and it looks like wood.  And it smells amazing.  Trouble is, I threw out the packaging and cannot find it anywhere online.  So I can't even share it with you. 

I don't know what to buy my brother for Christmas and I am more dreading the 12 hour drive than contemplating time with family.

You know what I am?

That's right...the Grinch.  And his little dog is my poor poor Simon trying to navigate the Christmas season with his extremely cranky mother. 

I need a nap.


  1. Aw come on, you have always had trouble getting out of bed in cold weather, or any weather for that matter. ;-) Anything you get Kevin will make him happy as long as it's male-oriented (a.k.a. no soap).

    As for dreading the drive, put on some Stones and cruise. When the Stones get old (as if that will happen), throw in some Digweed & Sasha or Robert Miles... maybe even some Phantom. We used to have a blast driving & blaring great music. Not to mention, once you get here, we get to hang out again. You may be dreading the drive, but I am really looking forward to seeing you. :-)

  2. Good points, all. WInter makes me so tired.