Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not about Soap but maybe even better

Okey Dokey,

Have you ever wandered across something online and then realized you knew the person responsible and then just had to shake your head in wonder that some amazingly competent and incredible people actually came out of Effingham County?

No? Oh well...

My high school friend who became one of the coolest adults I know writes this blog. It is adorably called Appoggiatura (link to the dictionary for those of you who might not be total music nerds).

I don't know if I am more impressed by her savory delights, such as her mushroom barley soup, her bread baking acumen (she made brioche AND corrected the great Marie Antoinette error in the same post) or her sweets...vanilla peach pie with a praline crumble on top, anyone?

All I know is that I am going to visit her soon hoping to barter soap for food. The rest of you should read her blog, though. I dare you not to salivate

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