Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shameless Shout out to Kathleen at Gabbriella's Closet

Everyone has had a really crappy day.

I seem to be having a really crappy year.

It all began in September with AIG and continued with Madoff and continued with more AIG and then half of my clients got laid off and then my friend John got laid off (and stopped doing his Cripin Glover impression for me) and...ok I'll stop

So one afternoon I came in. My feet ached (why do I wear 4 inch heels?), I was overwhelmed and having a crap day. And I saw a package from Gabbriella's Sampler. Ripping into it, I was pleased to find a milk, honey and oatmeal scrubby soap. After wrestling it from my greedy friend Matt I hid it for myself. It smells unreal. It isn't fragrancy or fake just pure good-for-you yummy smelling.

And showering with it is even better. One side is milky, soft and produces nice, skin softening lather and is a delightful shower experience. The other side is full of nice, exfoliating oatmeal.

And, as a side note, exfoliation scares me a little. Sometimes it feels like the grainy whatever is scrubbing my skin off. This is not like that. It scrubs without peeling off skin. It is soothing to scrub, scrub, scrub and then use the other end to soothe soothe soothe.

Here are some pictures I took myself!

So I cannot find this on Kathleen's Web site or on the Etsy site, which may make me one of the luckiest person on Earth. So I will plug some of the other stuff she sells that I covet.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see an awesome cobalt perfume bottle key chain that I think I need. (Did I mention how amazing the perfumes she has sent in the Sampler smell?)

On her site you get get all kinds of things. So go there. Buy stuff and send her an email thanking her for all she does to promote other sellers on Etsy. I missed Etsy day but, had I not, I would have been promoting Gabbriella's closet BIG TIME.

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  1. Love you Erin!!!! That soap was a try & I think it is a real hit so I will be making more. Thanks for the GRAND promo on me & my shop! The soaps are going to be special order for a while. I do have 3 left so if anyone out there is interested email me or visit my blog & leave a message on a post. Bless you Erin for your love of soap...I will always send you treats to I made gigantic bath truffles which are curing right now in my kitchen...I will be selling in the Pink boxes with the black satin ribbons like I do the Stimulus watching your mail for 1 to try....