Thursday, March 19, 2009

A conundrum...

I just finished rearranging my soap collection. I have so many amazing soaps to try and even some I need to talk about that I have already tried. (Definite shout out to Soap Rehab) But I had a shower experience the other day that made me think.

Now everyone knows how much I adore soap of all kinds. Generally, I am thrilled with anything as long as it smells good and gets me clean. But the other day I had a less than exemplary shower time experience.

I didn't like a soap.

And now I don't know what to do. The main goal of my blog is to promote the work of all of the amazing artists whose products I buy.

So do I just gloss over when I don't like something? Do I lie? Or do I honestly review the product?

And no, dear blog followers...not a single one of you made this soap.


  1. I vote for being honest. You wouldn't do it in a mean way, so there's nothing wrong with not liking a product.

    Of course, there is the other side. My sister writes a book review blog, and the one time she wrote she didn't like a book, the Author commented on her blog. She's been a little freaked ever since.

  2. I say, tell us. That way we know what to avoid! If you really want to be minimalist, you could just have a "naughty list" of the crummy ones.